When I roam through nature and let the squares work on me, I often see untouched,
ancient places and landscapes in my mind's eye . The desire is then great to make these places tangible and so I try to seize the place, the mood and charisma as much as possible and to incorporate them into the design process. It is very important to me to create a connection between atmosphere and tangible details.

For some of my works, I developed a “relief technique” to give them more depth and liveliness. I model parts of the picture beforehand and only paint them afterwards. This three-dimensional image changes the image depending on the viewing angle. From acrylic colors, colored pencils to effect colors, everything is used.

I personally find it sad and terrifying how little untouched nature we still have. Another concern of my art is to open my eyes to nature again. I approach this topic only from a very personal emotional direction and not from a scientifically sober point of view. We can only protect nature if we learn again to build a relationship with it and to feel it. For me, nature is more than just an economic mass; for me it is animated ... and I try to express this with my art.


My primary school teacher saw in me a talent for design and so I could
learn from other artists very early on . Whether that's drawing with the artist Mahn in Ehlershausen, or later painting with the
artist Tarek Marestani in Celle. At 18, I already knew that I
really wanted to do something with painting and drawing in my life. I was very happy when I was able to
start my studies at my dream school, the HAW for Design in Armgartstrasse Hamburg.

In addition to my studies, I was also able to get to know a lot of other areas of work, from graphic design
to 3D design to office-commercial activities. I believe all of these experiences and life
in the city, were important prerequisites for my current independence.

After finishing my studies I was drawn back to nature. I chose a small town near
Lüneburg, where I lived for a couple of years. During this time I was walking a lot and
let nature and silence work on me. I have always found nature to be magical, but this topic took on
a whole new dimension for me when I got to know the ancient trees there on a trip to England.
Inspired and refreshed, I returned from there and the main theme of my current work,
the "Enchanted Woods" edition, emerged.

In spring 2009 I was finally ready to put everything on one card and I started my own business with painting.
It is still a big but joyful challenge for me. At the same time I
met my husband, with whom I have been living in Bomlitz - Jarlingen since 2014. Creativity is an essential
part of my life. In this respect, I always see myself in the process of developing myself and my work.
I am really looking forward to the path and everything that I will learn on it.

1976 born in Großburgwedel
1984 - 1986 drawing lessons Atelier Mahn, Ehlershausen
1993 - 1998 art school Marestani, Celle
1998 - 2003 studies in illustration and communication design, Hamburg
2003 graduation as designer at HAW Hamburg, design department
since 2009 self-employed as artist in the field of painting active