I've always observed lotus flowers and lotus leaves and would paint them from time to time. One day, I happened to stumble upon a withered lotus field. However, this lotus field caught my attention as if I had never seen it before. The shaggy lotus leaves were rustling with its dark brown color clearly visible. Meanwhile, the dazzling sunlight was fiercely hitting the water, making it look like a majestic gold field. While observing this beautiful scenery, it made me think the intertwined flowers essentially represented people. Then I thought, "Aren't we like those flowers, entangled with each other as we perform our roles in this tough society?" I believe people who struggle and have yet to succeed may need to experience "patience, courage, failure, and unhappiness" to discover "love, success, and happiness." Despite floundering in deep despair, we could still bloom like the lotus flowers that survive through harsh conditions.

Lotus flowers grow, wither, and die in a patch of mud. Another blossoms beautifully in the same spot again. From this cycle, I wanted to send a message to never lose hope even in difficult times. A life that has yet to succeed can still have a chance to bloom like these flowers. When the lotus leaves wither, new ones bloom splendidly in the following year. The resurrection of the lotus flowers is expressed by gold powder in my paintings. After drawing multiple paintings with the idea of nature, I realized more effort is required when observing and expressing them. The lotus flowers inspired me to convey a message of hope. My wish is for people to feel encouraged and comforted. Like these flowers that wither and bloom again, the same can happen to us. Even in the lowest moments, people should have faith that it's never too late to restore their lives.

. SEF 2000 Solo Art Invitation Exhibition (Gong Pyung Art Center)

. 2000 Art Painting, Sculpture Festival (Miz Gallery)

. Dobong Fine Arts Association Invitation Exhibition

. Ahn Gyun Art Concur – Special Prize (Seosan Cultural Center)

. Korean Painting, 29 Artists invitation Exhibition (Geoje Cultural Center)

. Korean Painting Invitation Exhibition ( Gasan Hwarang)

. Second Art Installation Exhibition for Utopia (Lee Seo Ki Gallery)

. Leading Opinion 2002, 6 Artists Invitation Exhibition (Miz Gallery)

. Korea Women’s Fine Arts Festival (Jongro Gallery)

. 2004 LIKE:DIFFERENCE : ALIKE Invitation Exhibition (Gong Pyung Art Center)

. Lee Seo Ki Gallery Invitation Exhibition (Lee Seo Ki Gallery)

. Art Spirit “Fine Art Exhibition & Korea Antique Show” (E.K. Art Gallery)

. YS Gallery Invitation Exhibition (YS Gallery)

. 49th Southern California Korean membership Exhibition (Korean Cultural Center) 2017

. Voice of Seven Paths (Ephatha Art Gallery)

. Korean Artists Association of Southern California “50th Annual Exhibition” 2018

. “6 SCENES” Gallery 443

. LA ART SHOW 2019 (Los Angeles Convention Center)

. CROSSING - Western Gallery

. Quartest - Lee & Lee Gallery LA

. Spirit of Art (Korea Daily Art Center)

. Seoul Modern Art Show 2019 (AT Center)

. KAASC (Korean Cultural Center of Chicago)

. Seoulism Globalization of Seoul Contemporary Art

. 2020 Gallery Do Arte New Year Planning Invitation Exhibition


Awards and Honors

. The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea – Special Prize, Finalist

. The Grand Art Exhibition of Ahn Gyun – Special Prize

. Kwanak Modern Arts Festival – Special Prize

. Korean Women’s Art Festival – Finalist

. Chunchu Art Competition – Finalist



. National competition judge of “The Grand Art Exhibition of Korea”

. Competition judge of “Korea Modern Painting Festival”

. Competition judge of “Korea Art Festival” sponsored by Korea Electric Power Corp.

. Committee member of following Association: Korea Art Association, Korea Environmental Art

   Association, Korea Figurative Painting Association, Korean Painting Association, Korea   

   Women’s Association, Modern Women’s Artists Association