Marcelle Mansour OAM


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Short Bio of the Artist:

Marcelle Mansour is a Sydney-based Multidisciplinary Visual Artist. An Australian Immigrant who was born in Palestine to Eastern Christian Palestinian parents from Jaffa Palestine. Marcelle works primarily as a Painter, also Photographer, Poet, Contributing Bilingual Writer/Journalist and Ambassador for Peace. Marcelle received Masters of (MFA) in 2013 and (MSA) in 2011 from Sydney College of the Arts, Sydney University, and previously (B.A.) in English Literature from Egypt. She has been professionally practicing arts for many years and held numerous national and international solo and group art exhibitions with acclaimed artists in prestigious venues in Sydney, New York, Paris and Venice. Marcelle is the author of Shifting Waves book, her work spans from representational art through to abstract, digital, and light art in a variety of mediums and styles. She is interested in creating work that engages with the subjects which make audience part of her work. She painted portraits for prominent multicultural Australians and participated at the 21st Biennale of Sydney Superposition in 2018. Marcelle Mansour was honored to be awarded the Order of Australian Medal (OAM) with the approval of Queen Elizabeth the Second in 2017.

Artist Statement:

In my art practice, I show a considerable versatility in my work that embraces a variety of subjects, mediums, and techniques. I cover a range of styles in both traditional and digital mediums. My work of portraits was painted with pastels on board, my scenery and figurative work were painted with oil and acrylics on canvas. My latest work is created through digital painting directly on the computer where it enables me to bridge the gap between traditional and digital painting. My contemporary work of light and perception was painted with light itself were the shifting colors of changeable light create a dynamic movement and contemplative environment. Inspired by the light and the power of the Mind’s Eye in influencing visual perception. My work highlights the theme of universal human experiences in a phenomenological manner where I emphasize the presence of the invisible and the power of light as a body lived experience. My art has a purpose of reflecting a path to self-knowledge towards transformation, consciousness and social change. The work’s implication of philosophical and theoretical meaning is based on spirituality and phenomenology. I draw my inspiration from various sources such as color, portraits of people, humanity, identity, peace and Justice, philosophy, spirituality and light. I reflect on the universal issues facing our world that require distal thinking to review human perception towards advancing humanity and reshaping reality in the world.