It’s a Series Art Work of Abstract expressionism make a illusion of colors and forms
I mainly deal with nature. The nature that surrounds us is an a infinite source of wonder
and beauty It is static and the continually changing I  find inspiration-in the tiniest
detail of nature -drop of rain water, a falling autumn leaf- a speak of white in a blue
sky experience a completely unexpected discovery of bright and bold colors.

Nature is not always bright and bold, but I consciously depict my nature in those
high-pitched colors  bring a new tune ,sing a new song , tell a new story...
I like my chorus part to be loud and joyous so that I can renew myself with hope.
In other words, art for me – like nature itself – is a source of hope and inspiration.
 By bringing this in my art, I don’t look for logic; instead - I look for rhythm.
Carefully structured sequences for feeling of pleasure 
I live for the drama of the moment that reveals itself like the crashing foamy waves
of the ocean: spontaneous, determined and majestic.