Painting with the elements

My paintings are mainly made in acrylic mixing technique. I use sand, soil, coal and stone flour, among other things, which I incorporate into my pictures. Metal in the form of impact metal or rust also finds its way into the picture. Thus, the elements earth, metal, wood, air and water flow into most of my paintings.

Through structure, colors and energy, the image becomes a living object. I give myself entirely to the creative process and let myself be guided by my intuition, which colors and materials I use for the respective image.

In this way, new images are created again and again, which reproduce different vibrations and thus also evoke very different moods and feelings among the viewer. Some of my sea pictures have their birthplace in the sea, the canvas bathe in the North Sea and I use the respective sand of the beach. These pictures are then completed in my studio in Sieverdingen/Germany.