Edwin Carl Caulley is an American artist whose paintings are admired for their soft smooth lined brushwork. They are a soft and sensitive portrayal of beauty that captures the imagination and emotions. Caulley exhibited a strong leaning to illustrating nature and human faces from a very young age, and that fascination with the human body and the beauty of nature has continued throughout his life. His artwork is admired and purchase by many professionals in the New England community and was selected to represent the City of New Haven, Connecticut as it's Christmas Card.


Caulley's work was chosen as Best in Show at the first Fine Arts Day held in Camden, South Carolina and has been included in many exhibits throughout the Connecticut, New York  area including the NOHO/M55 Gallery in New York City. His work has been displayed numerous times with the World Fine Arts Group in New York City.


Although Caulley paints and exhibits a variety of subjects, particularly landscapes, his first love is the human portrait which he studied at the New York Academy of Fine Arts under Raymond Brenin, a former student of the Russian  painter Chegall. Today Caulley has focused on creating both landscapes and portraits and have placed them in homes and businesses all over the world including China, Russia, Australia, United Kingdom, France, Italy, Serbia, Indonesia, Germany, Romania, South Africa, Brazil, Nigeria and many states within the United States. Caulley partnered with Anggraini Herman of Makassar, Indonesia to open a startup business, Nggi's, selling art supplies. It quickly grew and the name was changed to Makassar Alat Lukis, one of the fastest growing art supply store in Indonesia.


Caulley works out of his home studio and gallery and is very content allowing his paintings to attest to his commitment to capturing the amazing beauty of nature and the human experience. 


"Art is my way of bringing imagination into a tangible reality. Every idea or painting is first conceived in the mind and we give it form by either written word or visual pictures. It is how I approach my artwork. I can see the finished painting even from its conception. It is just a matter of getting from the point of conception to completion. My goal for my artwork is to give the viewer a sense of calm and tranquility and to imagine themselves in that moment of time and place in the painting, or the desire to know more about the person in the portrait."