Painting is a celebration of the traditional methods. I might have a vague idea or theme as I sketch on the canvas (usually). Then I paint using Acrylic these days, within a sort of trance between geometry and meditation. Most times the goal is an optical narrative, but I do like bouncing colors off one another just as much. Lastly: Movement. I want each painting to have Movement, life, a moving into and out of the canvas: Energy.




Board of Directors, RCCA gallery.

Fine Art Galleries and Shows Newspaper review: link:



- Glendora Public Library. Monthly solo shows, four within three years 1984

- Citrus Jr. College

- Glendora. Student show 1986

- Gregg-Harris Gallery

- La Puente 3rd Place - modern art - represented, slides on file. 1988

- Wilshire Cafe - Los Angeles Solo show - 3 months 1995

- Musee de la Commanderie d'unet - Miami/International show Represented,

  Me and Theme hung in this show 1996

- Motley Fools Website, Most downloaded art duration of the contest

- "AdamEve" 1999

- Pegasus online Gallery, Artist of the Week award - voted on by the public 2000

- ArtExpo San Francisco International Represented by The Museum Gallery

- Thoughts on Fractures hung in this show 2002

- The Ninth Life Gallery - St. Thomas, Currently on display

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