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"FINE ART PRO" is a YouTube channel and website that features professional artists via video slide show presentations.  This site is about exposure for the artist and providing subscribers with new and exciting works to examine.

Interested collectors, galleries, agents and art enthusiasts can contact the artists directly via

email and website info at the end of each video and on their individual artist page.

Fine Art Pro does not handle sales unless requested or charge a fee for artist listing at this time.  

Artists wishing to apply are invited to submit:

1.    5 - 10 jpg images of artwork. 

2.   Images must not exceed 2MB and be at least 1500 pixels on one side. 

3.   An image list to correspond with the JPEG images, including title of the work,

      medium, size, and date.

4.   Artist resume.

5.   A brief Artist Statement about the work.

6.   Headshot of the artist.

Use this link to upload artwork:

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